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Information pursuant to former Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 101/2018 and Article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016. This information is provided by B.S.R S.n.c. for the website


Cookies are text files that a website visited by users sends to their terminal (computer, mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet), where they are stored before being sent back to that site during a subsequent visit.


There are several different types of cookies:

- depending on who installs them and whether it is the same operator of the site visited (so-called "first-party cookies") or a different one (so-called "third-party cookies”);

- depending on the purpose of each cookie: some cookies enable a better surfing experience as they memorise user choices like, for example, language (so-called technical cookies). Other cookies make it possible to monitor a user's browsing habits, also for the purpose of sending adverts and/or offering services in line with a user’s preferences (so-called profiling cookies).


Our websites use both first-party technical cookies for which no user consent is required and third-party profiling cookies, the use of which does require consent. B.S.R. snc is the data controller, exclusively for the first-party cookies installed on its respective sites. Users can accept all cookies during their first visit to the sites by clicking on X or OK on the banner, or on any of the page elements outside the banner. Users can also access the present information from the banner and refuse consent to the installation of cookies by clicking on the links in the Privacy Policy and Opt-Out columns (made available by third parties) in the table below. On subsequent visits to the site, users can access all the information via the cookie policy link in the website footer and deny consent to the installation of cookies by clicking on the link in the Privacy Policy and Opt-Out columns of the table below. In any case (and particularly in those cases where the Opt-Out form has not been made available by the third party - referred to as N/A* in the tables below -), users can deny consent to all or some of the cookies by accessing their browser settings and following the procedure described here:

- Chrome

- Internet Explorer

- Firefox

- Safari

or by using the Opt-Out systems provided on (limited to the services registered by this platform, at present those of advertising profiling) or on Ghostery. Users can also delete any cookies which have already been installed for browser settings by means of the above procedure.

Technical cookies

These cookies are used by the first-party to guarantee an efficient surfing experience, session stability, the permanence of shopping carts, login during the session and the selected navigation country. They are also necessary for saving a user’s choices concerning the display of some page elements such as information and communication banners. Finally, a cookie lasting no more than 12 months is installed in order to track a user's consent and thus avoid requesting it again through the banner.

Analytical cookies

These are used by third parties for statistics management, also in a disaggregated manner. Cookies collect information about site use so we can improve our users’ browsing and purchasing experience. All information collected is anonymous. Amongst other things, these cookies collect information about:


Privacy Policy


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Privacy Policy

Google Analytics Opt-Out

Advertising cookies

These are used to provide adverts based on the interests shown by users when surfing the net and to subjects who have previously visited this site. These cookies collect both demographic information and/or that related to the pages visited, the products displayed, the purchases made as a result of advertising campaigns. By way of example, they are used to:

1. determine how many users have purchased products after clicking on an advert;

2. display ads in line with users’ demographic profiles or based on their specific interests, such as those relating to products displayed on the site, for example, and even on other sites;

3. improve reporting about advertising campaigns;

4. avoid re-proposing ads to users they have already seen and that are not in line with their surfing preferences.


Privacy Policy


Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads Opt-Out

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Privacy Policy

Bing Ads Opt-Out

Yahoo Ads

Yahoo Ads Privacy Policy

Yahoo Ads Opt-Out


Turn Privacy Policy

Turn Opt-Out


Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook Opt-Out


Criteo Privacy Policy

Criteo Opt-Out

QuantCast Ads

QuantCast Privacy Policy

QuantCast Opt-Out

Information provided by ISHILUX SRL pursuant to Article 13 of the Privacy Code. B.S.R s.n.c., with headquarters in Via Nicolò Copernico 2, 47122 Forlì (Forlì-Cesena), Italy, is the independent owner for processing the data collected through the first-party cookies installed through the www.Radà.it website. With reference to the site managed, the owner specifies that:

1. the data are collected for the sole purpose and duration specified in the above table and processed via computer;

2. the use of these technical cookies requires no prior consent as they are necessary for enabling users to surf the sites and for the proper functioning of the same. Should the technical cookies be removed by means of the browser settings, navigation within the sites may not be possible, either partially or wholly;

3. subjects acting on behalf of the owner as managers or processors may be provided with information about the data collected for purposes related to those described above;

4. users may exercise the rights specified in Articles 15-21 of the GDPR 679/2016 regulation concerning updating, rectifying, integrating or deleting personal data processed in violation of the law. This is more fully described in the information about processing personal data available by clicking on the Privacy link in the footer of the pages of each site. Alternatively, information can be received by emailing BSR s.n.c. at depending on the site concerned.

* consent form not made available by the third party; users can, however, refuse consent to cookie installation by accessing their browser settings via the above described procedure or by using the opt-out systems provided on (limited to the services registered by this platform, i.e. those for advert profiling at present) or on Ghostery.